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Feedback on TMA01

Lessons learned from TMA01:

‘I would not expect to see repetition of specifics of the actual cases here – only (possibly) very brief summaries in so far as they relate (and you show this) directly to the aims of the report. This criterion is NOT about retelling the stories of the various case studies’

Maybe I am in denial, but I really don’t think my report was that descriptive. I did try to give a general overview rather than refer in too much detail to any one case study.

Also, I put details about my institution in the second part of the report, as directed in the question rubric. Apparently it should have been at the start. It’s all about the learning process and I do feel I got a lot out of writing the report. Now I need to:

‘reflect actively on my thinking and evaluate and synthesise what triggers development of my work’

So here goes with TMA02!


Word cloud of my TMA01

There are lots of ideas now for using Wordle for teaching languages. Here are a few from Nik Peachey:

They are a good free alternative to Word Magnets for jumbling sentences and having students put them back together.