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H810 – first post

Write notes for yourself or create an entry in your blog about your role and context in education and how they relate to accessibility and online learning. Describe what you would like to achieve from the module

I am a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Although I have no direct experience of teaching learners with disabilities, I have to think about making learning accessible to students who may have problems with writing and spelling with a different alphabet. Arabic students, for example, need to get to grips with writing in a different direction. I am interested in making learning in English more accessible to non-native speakers of English in general. I like using multimedia such as podcasts and digital storytelling and I am keen to learn about accessible web design.

I have just been reading about the impact of the language used to describe disability. I was thinking about the league of gentlemen’s ‘Mr. Foot’, who feels uncomfortable around disabled people due to paranoia about political correctness. This related article looks interesting,%20Laurence/clarke%20on%20comedy.pdf

I have also been listening to this series from Radio 4, which gives an insight into the obstacles faced by people with disabilities