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Digital Literacies

I experienced web ‘deja vu’ today when I went to see Gavin Dudeney’s talk at TESOL Arabia.  Unlike meeting a regular ‘celeb’ (Iknow, I sound like a groupie) in real life, he recognised me from my 1 inch squared picture in Twitter. This created a feeling of familiarity and demonstrated the ‘democratising’ effect of social networking

During the talk, he discussed Gaming, Search and Information Literacies, mobile learning and ‘Digital as a Second Language (Digital Immigrants). He also reminded the audience how many tools they were already familiar with through a kind of questionnaire. The one I couldn’t answer was ‘have you ever edited a page of Wikipedia?’ I have never done this as I don’t feel I am enough of an authority on anything to do so. I will force myself to find something!

Recommended resources from the talk:

‘From blogs to bombs’, Mark Pegrum, University of Western Australia

Prensky ‘Don’t bother me mum I’m learning’ (about gaming literacy)

Mike Samsone (tech comfy vs tech savvy)

Robin Hood school in Birmingham UK (engaging learners with ICT)

Also, Second Life: Edunation

In the workshop later on, Dudeney demo’d a few web 2.0 tools for teaching and showed this great clip of the guy who happened to get recruited by a chewing gum company after a video of himself doing a silly dance on holiday ‘went viral’. He used it in the context of teaching an EFL lesson – countries of the world.

Another example of a Youtube clip that went ‘viral’