Accessibility issues

I found these guidelines quite useful to bear in mind when creating online learning materials:

W3C – preliminary review of webpages

For people who are unable to move their arms:

Keyboard support is available in web browsers – users have to learn keyboard short cuts. Voice recognition software is available, but takes time to learn.

For people with visual impairments

Avoid using capital letters as these can be difficult for screen readers to read.

Clearly label hyperlinks – don’t use ‘click here’

For colour blindness – Use a good contrast of colours – add an asterisk next to colours

For people with hearing impairments

Transcripts should accompany podcasts. Videos should be subtitled.

US based Web Aim offers advice on testing accessibility here:

Try turning off images to see if the text is still available. I did this using Google Wave toolbar, which also has an automatic accessibility check function. I tried the British Embassy website, which showed up as having 2 accessibility problems.

I tried expanding the text and this seemed to work using ctrl +


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  1. Posted by Marie on October 3, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Great stuff, Nathan! Thanks.


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