H808 week 2

This week, we have been asked to work in groups to summarise the key drivers for the use of e-portfolios in education. I am slightly overwhelmed right from the start with the extensive reading list, so I have tried to get people to share short summaries of different articles in a Google spreadsheet
This worked pretty well on H807 for summarising JISC case studies of innovation, but this time I fear it will quickly be lost in the pages of discussion boards and won’t get much take-up (zero entries so far apart from my own). Anyway, it will be a good personal resource.

As for finding the right repository for coursework, what I thought would be a straightforward activity is turning into an extreme learning curve as I try to figure out how to use Mahara and Zotero – both deceptively complex!


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  1. N8 HI!
    As in H807 I go lurking around other tutor groups when I’m looking for inspiration, confirmation of best ways to do things …. or I’m just bored. Anyway, its not OU etiquette to comment inside another Tutor Group, so I’ve tracked you down here. I created a spreadsheeet, or rather table in word and someone else in our group has used Google spreadsheet too. I think laying out, in bullet points what each person comes up with by report and/or by region is the clearest and most comprehensive route to follow.
    At some stage I’d resort to a Flip Chart and marker pens … or my favourite, a role of wall-paper backing paper across the dining room table. They simply don’t make screens big enough for me, not even the largest of Wacomb Tablets would do.
    Good Luck.


  2. Hello JV,

    Thanks for returning to my blog – nothing like comments to encourage writing. I suggested the Googledoc so that all of us could work in one place, though entries do tend to be restricted due to space restrictions and looking tidy. An issue with group work is not wanting to be seen as bossy or dictating what everyone else should do. The trouble is, if you wait for everyone to reach a consensus, you have already wasted a lot of time!


  3. Posted by Anne Bradbury on October 4, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    As you have found collaborative working can take a little while to ‘get going’ , particularly at the start of a course. However, the process you went through should help for the later activities (notably in Weeks 11 and 12) – at least you will have a better idea of what to watch out for and how the activity might be organized.

    In terms of agreeing a particular ‘tool’ – a quick vote might be useful (with the person who has most experience of that tool giving support on that aspect).



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